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We say: Stop with standard! Clear the stage for MISTER NEO! Our mission: to bring the latest, funniest, most innovative, and sometimes surprising event trends in the world to your celebration. We take care of organisation, support, photographers and special requests. Everything to make your celebration a unique success. Only the enthusiasm you have to bring along.

Bubble Football


… and a game lasts five minutes? Or ten? In giant inflatable bubble suits? Clearly, this is not about Sepp quotes, but fun factors! The only thing that Bubble Football has in common with traditional sports is the match ball and name. Action at world level is still guaranteed. It’s all about goals as always – but be careful! An opponent’s bubble ball tackle gets you off your feet faster than any blood grave. After a little rock’ n’ roll, you’re right back on your feet. Speaking of rules and regulations: The game is played with or without goalkeeper, team against team, last man standing or even sumo rings. Maybe you will also invent your own game modes! Submit your no-obligation event request now and make heads with nails or something like that.

Arrow Tag


The nerves are tense to the breaking point. The bows firmly in the hand. Then, all of a sudden, the starting whistle: You go out into the field and grab as many arrows as you can. Now it’s time to cover! Because even if the arrowheads are soft at the front: Arrow Tag is a tough shooter. If you are hit, you are considered disabled until a teammate catches an arrow from the air. This in turn eliminates the shooter. Sounds crazy? It is! Game modes such as Capture The Flag increase complexity. You’d rather just shoot? The survival mode Last Man Standing shows who is the true Robin Hood on the field. Submit a no-obligation event request now and create your own legend!

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Team-Event: Marten from Leipzig

Great fun factor Teams can mix and mix and experience a new experience together Perfect moderation by the coordinator

Stag party: Basti from Hamburg

It was great fun and we highly recommend it as a group event. Both booking and subsequent changes were very easy and the responsible persons were always very nice and flexible. That was really a bonus, after all, a JGA like that brings enough stress. Great praise!

Team-Event: Tara from Nuremberg

Fun, team event, sports activities

Team event: Thomas from Stuttgart

It's something completely new... guys were enthusiastic... want to repeat the event next year... maybe for the whole club

Bachelor party: Ricardo from Cologne

Registration went very well and the game was just the right event for a bachelor party. Thank you again.

Children's birthday party: Kiara from Hamburg

It was an absolutely brilliant afternoon. The 30 children had a lot of fun. They could hardly be stopped. Fun factor guaranteed.

Bachelor party: Jens from Bremen

Very cool event! I would always book again for a JGA.

Team-Event: Daniel from Düsseldorf

Mega Mega is fun and the group (the team) can have fun together outside of work. Cool idea.

Stag party: Niklas from Berlin

It was mega fun! Great graduation and highlight for every bachelor party!!

Children's birthday party: Jutta from Berlin

It was a great event for my son and his friends. Everyone enjoyed the day very much and still enjoyed it a few days later.

Team-Event: Nora from Munich

We were there with our team, which nobody has ever played before. Everybody was super enthusiastic, had a lot of fun and would play it again. We are sure that our friends will also like it.

Children's birthday party: Kathrin from Frankfurt

Great fun for the birthday party

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