Archery Tag

Probably the coolest shooting club in the world invites you to shoot! You guys ready?

What the teams say

Team-Event: Marten from Leipzig

Great fun factor Teams can mix and mix and experience a new experience together Perfect moderation by the coordinator

Team-Event: Tara from Nuremberg

Fun, team event, sports activities

Bachelor party: Jens from Bremen

Very cool event! I would always book again for a JGA.

Team event: Thomas from Stuttgart

It's something completely new... guys were enthusiastic... want to repeat the event next year... maybe for the whole club

Stag party: Basti from Hamburg

It was great fun and we highly recommend it as a group event. Both booking and subsequent changes were very easy and the responsible persons were always very nice and flexible. That was really a bonus, after all, a JGA like that brings enough stress. Great praise!

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Team-Event, Teambuilding, FunsportTeam-Event, Teambuilding, FunsportTeam-Event, Teambuilding, Funsport
Arrow Tag

You can already imagine: On Arrow Day or Archery Day you have to eliminate all five enemy shooters with bow and arrow. So that this doesn’t get you in the eye (or other parts of your body) only tamed bows and soft arrowheads are used in the 2011 invented game. It’s not supposed to be your last event. At the beginning, both teams have to pick up as many arrows as possible from the middle of the playing field and then take cover immediately. After all, whoever gets hit is eliminated until a team partner catches an arrow from the air and “buys you out”. All right, let’s go! Give free rein to your inner Robin Hood and show the opposing team who wears the pantyhose!

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Any more questions?

Where will my event take place?

MISTER NEO is very flexible. If you have already found "your" perfect place, we are happy to take the event there. If you are not sure yet, we will gladly suggest locations in your area and arrange all formalities. Just let us know in the inquiry. Together we plan your fun to measure!

Is there a minimum age for Arrow Day?

Yes, you must be at least 13 years old. Under 18 years of age, a parental consent is required?

Is Arrow Tag dangerous?

Absolutely not. The arrows were made so that you only feel it, but don't take any bruises with you. The eyes can be protected with special glasses.

Do I have to be able to shoot archery?

No, sounds crazy - but after 10 minutes everybody can shoot well and hit some of them;)

How much does it cost?

They're all the same on the field. Our packages are only for you. It depends on time, location and number of participants. Send us a request and you have the answer in no time.

Is the event supported?

Our trained event coordinators will guide you through the program and adapt different game modes to your needs.

Yes, I do! (playing)

Convinced? Or is it so hot that you can’t control the scroll wheel? Either way, there’s no good unless you do it! Put your inquiry now and we will get back to you as soon as possible! I promise.