Beat the...!

Starting April 2018: Beat the... Star? Not quite, but close! We play the variations to Beat the bachelor, Beat the birthday boy, Beat the teacher or maybe you prefer to beat the boss with you. Play against each other in the disciplines of sport, knowledge, skill and fun. A guide will guide you through the games and choose a winner after hours of fun. The perfect duel for every occasion! Here you can find a selection of potential games.

Category Sport: Blind Soccer

How do you play blind?

Paralympic since 1976 and already with us in 2018. You stumble in the dark and try to throw a bell into the opponent’s goal. Of course the ball comes back again, so throw yourself into a goal-area like Olli Kahn once did.

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Category Sport: Electro Penalty Shootout

How do you play with electro-shockers?

Two teams compete against each other in a 7-meter shootout. Field players and goalkeepers get a stun gun around their shooting legs. The clou: The opponent’s team gets the remote control for the stun guns and can thus influence the 7-meter shooting. Be prepared for a special thrill and many strange movements.

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Category Sport: Football Dart

Bullseye or 180?

Darts are not available in our pub but under the open sky. You try to hit the XXL dartboard with a football. The ball remains stuck on the inflatable dartboard like an arrow, so that the referee can count the points exactly. Anybody who doesn’t meet here still has the sleeping mask on.

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Category Sport: Dodgeball
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Category Knowledge: Distances

How good are you at estimating?

In this game the truck drivers have an advantage among you. The teams must estimate distances between two German cities. This involves the direct car connection to sometimes very remote places. Let us surprise you and say: Yes, these are indeed real city names.

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Category Knowledge: Who is it

You know them all? Prove it!

We show you photos of celebrities from all over the world and you tell us your first and last name. But beware, your opponent is always on your heels.

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Category Knowledge: Where is what located?

Globetrotter or Homeboy?

We call you a country of this earth and you have to find it on a world map without borders. We bet you’ve never heard some of the names in your life, world trip or not.

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Category Dexterity: XXL Beer Pong

How much can you take?

Beer pong with buckets? A dream come true for all of us. You play in 2-on-2 mode and choose a ball. You can choose between football or basketball. The rules are simple: If you hit an opponent with the ball in your bucket, you have to drink. The first team to hit all cups wins the game. On the buckets, get ready, go!

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Category Fun: Call me

Who stays on the line longer?

You keep shirking the call to grandparents? Now you have to go and there are no excuses!

Players must call a person from their opponent’s contact list. Your goal is to spend as long as possible on the owner of the cell phone. The cell phones are placed on loudspeakers, so that your friends have something to laugh about.

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