Bubble Soccer Ball

Ready for the bubbles? Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight - the journey begins.

What the teams say

Stag party: Niklas from Berlin

It was mega fun! Great graduation and highlight for every bachelor party!!

Children's birthday party: Jutta from Berlin

It was a great event for my son and his friends. Everyone enjoyed the day very much and still enjoyed it a few days later.

Children's birthday party: Kathrin from Frankfurt

Great fun for the birthday party

Team-Event: Daniel from Düsseldorf

Mega Mega is fun and the group (the team) can have fun together outside of work. Cool idea.

Team-Event: Nora from Munich

We were there with our team, which nobody has ever played before. Everybody was super enthusiastic, had a lot of fun and would play it again. We are sure that our friends will also like it.

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Team-Event, Teambuilding, FunsportTeam-Event, Teambuilding, FunsportTeam-Event, Teambuilding, Funsport
Bubble Soccer

Bubble-Football or Bubble- or Bumper-Soccer looks spectacular, but fortunately it is (almost) harmless. Originally imported from Norway around 2011, the fun sport is now a delight for fans all over the world. The bubble suits, which are about one and a half meters wide, are also called Zorb. Completely inflated and strapped on, they work like airbags – but can also serve as a strategic attack. The playing field of the four to five players per team is about half the size of a regular court and a match rarely lasts longer than 15 minutes. For a good reason: Bubble football is great fun, but it’s also really exhausting. Oh, you guys happen to be Olympians? We’ll make an exception. But seriously. It’s your event and you can of course work out your own rules.

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Any more questions?

Where will my event take place?

MISTER NEO is very flexible. If you have already found "your" perfect place, we are happy to take the event there. If you are not sure yet, we will gladly suggest locations in your area and arrange all formalities. Just let us know in the inquiry. Together we plan your fun to measure!

Is there a maximum weight?

Yes, at 150kg it's really over in the field.

Is there a minimum age?

No, only a minimum size of 1.35m.

Are you coming to us?

Yeah. We were already in the smallest villages of Europe.

Do you have to be able to play football and be athletic?

No, anyone can play here. If you can't do it anymore, you just change.

How many players do we need?

For maximum fun on the field, MISTER recommends NEO teams of 4 to 5 persons each. Of course you can also come with more people. We are happy to plan your big Bubble Football- or Arrow Tag-Tournament with all extras!

How much does it cost?

They're all the same on the field. Our packages are only for you. It depends on time, location and number of participants. Send us a request and you have the answer in no time.

How many people play at the same time?

Bubble Football always plays 4 against 4. For two reasons: The playing fields are much smaller than with normal football and you need space to kick. It's super strenuous and you change. Everyone is happy about the breather. We've been playing for over 2 years - trust us - that's so ideal!

Is the event supported?

Our trained event coordinators will guide you through the program and adapt different game modes to your needs.

Yes, I do! (playing)

Convinced? Or is it so hot that you can’t control the scroll wheel? Either way, there’s no good unless you do it! Put your inquiry now and we will get back to you as soon as possible! I promise.