The spontaneous plan

You have the time and energy, but you have no idea where to put it? MISTER NEO makes you go!


Always ready

7 days a week: By Whatsapp, phone, mail or Facebook. Carrier pigeon optional.

Everything in the box

No extras! All-inclusive already says it: We also include the recordings.

Always on-site

3 countries, 30 cities, doubly flexible: even in case of short-term changes of location or dates.
Winners look like this
No day like any other

Do you know this? Sometimes there is simply no inspiration to start with leisure time. Don’t be a fool – grab your buddies and break out! With the trend events Bubble Football and Arrow Tag by MISTER NEO. Plays in a team or against each other and experiences completely new challenges. You don’t have enough players for a whole team? You’re not alone, ironically. Check out public events in your area under EVENT-KALENDER and play Bubble Football or Arrow Tag in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and many other new locations! Best of all, after you’ve had enough power, the big city is just around the corner. Well, inspired?

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More questions?

How much does it cost?

They're all the same on the field. Our packages are only for you. It depends on time, location and number of participants. Send us a request and you have the answer in no time.

How many players do we need?

For maximum fun on the field, MISTER recommends NEO teams of 4 to 5 persons each. Of course you can also come with more people. We are happy to plan your big Bubble Football- or Arrow Tag-Tournament with all extras!

What does a playing field look like?

The playing field should be at least 20x15m. Ideal are 30x15m plus border. Suitable subsurfaces include grass, artificial grass, hall flooring and sand. If you're unsure, just ask us.

Is the event supported?

Our trained event coordinators will guide you through the program and adapt different game modes to your needs.

Are you coming to us?

Yeah. We were already in the smallest villages of Europe.

Where will my event take place?

MISTER NEO is very flexible. If you have already found "your" perfect place, we are happy to take the event there. If you are not sure yet, we will gladly suggest locations in your area and arrange all formalities. Just let us know in the inquiry. Together we plan your fun to measure!

Almost as easy as saying yes.

Our smooth planning, on the other hand, would drive the tears of joy into the eyes of every prospective customer. Because MISTER NEO knows: Organization is for married couples. That’s why we make this part as easy as possible for you. Simply select activity, city and date. We will do the rest. Only the minimum of 8 combat buddies have to be found by yourself.